Physical Science

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Welcome, Physical Science students!!! What a CRAZY time to try to learn, but....HERE WE ARE! I'm sure you have some concerns about this semester, but I'm here for you every step of the way! It's going to be a GREAT semester, and we're going to work through lots of challenges TOGETHER!!!

Please visit our Google Classroom for all updates, links, assignments, etc. Here is your class code: mpwpvpa

Here is a copy of your course guidelines. 

This semester, we will cover the following topics:

Forces and Motion
*Speed, velocity, acceleration, momentum
*Relationships between motion and force

Energy: Conservation and Transfer
*Types, conservation, transfer, calculations
*Nature of waves
*Electricity, magnetism, and their relationship

Matter: Properties and Change
*Types, properties, and structure of matter
*Chemical bonding and chemical interactions
*Radiation and radioactivity

Deep breaths, everyone! We've GOT this!!!