1.         You must be in the gym when the tardy bell rings.  Anyone entering the gym after the tardy bell rings will be counted tardy.


2.         You are required to dress out each and every day.  Dressing out consists of the following:

A.     Proper gym shoes (Coach Craig will determine).

B.     Physical Education Uniform

C.     DO NOT wear the same clothes to P.E. that you wear to school.


3.         You will be assigned a locker in the locker room.  This will be your locker during the entire semester.  If you want to leave clothing in it overnight, PUT A LOCK ON THE LOCKER!!!!!  You are responsible for your own valuables! LOCK YOUR VALUABLES UP DURING CLASS!!



    If you are unable to dress out for an activity because an injury, a doctor’s note must be presented to Coach Craig in order to receive credit.


5.         No food, gum, drinks, or candy is allowed in the gym.


6.         Do not hang on the rim.


7.         Stay in your assigned area at all times.  Do not leave class without permission from Coach Craig.


8.         At the end of class you must stay in the gym until the bell dismisses you.  THIS MEANS STAY ON THE WOOD!


9.         A small amount of class time will be devoted to learning in a classroom-type setting.  You will be required to take skills tests and the written final exam.


10.       No jewelry, that may harm you or a classmate, can be worn during physical education class.  This includes watches, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc…


11.       Each week you start with a grade of 100. Each time you do not dress out you lose 20 points. If you dress out in clothes other than the P.E. uniform you lose 10 points. Your 9 grades will be averaged to give you the 9 weeks grade. You must have the uniform and wear it to take the class!!!! Each 9 weeks will be 37.5% of your grade and the final written exam will be 25%.


12.       If you have any complaints or questions, make sure that you discuss them with Coach Craig in a positive, cooperative manner.  Your input will be considered, given that you have approached the subject in a positive, constructive fashion.