Course Overview

 English I, II, III, IV
During each course, students will be exposed to classic and modern literature, while learning the fundamentals of writing and speaking fluently. 
Within the literature study, students will explore the basic elements including figurative language, genre, characterization, and sequencing. Students will learn and improve grammar and spelling skills. 
Students will also acquire life skills through public speaking units, employability skills unit, conflict-resolution, and time management studies.
Real-world writing will be addressed through writing practice and exposure to address worldly issues in real time.  
Academic Support, English IV 
During this course, 12th graders will produce a 5-7 page research paper, and present an 8-10 minute presentation to the Buncombe County Board of Education representatives. 
Time in this class involves heavy research through technological resources,  revising of research paper, networking with Asheville community mentors, and delivering presentation using proficient public speaking skills. Students will also submit a completed binder at the close of project, which includes relevant materials including research paper, mentor hours, journals, interviews, and student resume. This project is a graduation requirement for all Buncombe County Schools students.  
Last Modified on March 10, 2016