Fields, Shannon (World Language)

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Update:  Since learning went virtual after March 13, I want to provide 8 pieces of info that will help guide students and parents toward success during this time:

1) Virtual Class Meetings will take place via Zoom on Mondays:
1st period: 10:00
2nd period: 11:00
3rd period: 12:00
Students will receive an email invite two minutes prior to the meeting start time.
2)  Assignments and weekly goals (in the Resumen Semanal) are posted on Monday morning on our Google Classroom page.  Students will also receive a Weekly Assignments Checklist that looks like this:

  I review the assignments and the week's goals during our class virtual meeting.  Most assignments will be due on Friday. If an assignment is due before that it will be written into the title of the assignment. 
3) If a student completes or corrects an assignment after I put a grade in Power School, he/she will need to complete a Yellow Slip (on Google Classroom) so that I know to go back in and check the assignment. Students can find it in Google Classroom here:  

4) I offer office hours 9-11, and 1-3.  During those times I will be available to confer with students and parents:
--via email
--via Google chat
--via Zoom conferencing--this is often the best format because with this software I can both have the student share their screen in order for me to support them with tech or content issues, and I can use a virtual whiteboard to instruct.
Contact me anytime for questions or concerns:
5) Additionally I offer two optional Zoom lessons that dive deeper into the week's content and that offer time for questions and answers from students.  Those are Monday 2:00 and Wednesday 12:00.  Students will receive a Zoom invite at those times. I am usually also available outside of my office hour and Zoom times.  
6)  Students will find video tutorials at the top of their Google Classroom page which provide instruction on both content and on technology processes that students will use to complete and turn in work digitally.
7)  Grades during Virtual Learning Days will range from 70 to 100.  When an assignment is not turned in it will be indicated in Power School with an orange symbol.  When it is not complete or has not yet met the standard of a 70%, it will be indicated with a blue symbol in Power School.  
 8) I plan to grade the week's work on the Tuesday and Wednesday following its Friday due date.

Be well, and contact me with any questions, concerns or needs.

--Shannon Fields

My name is Shannon Fields.  Students call me "Profe Fields." Profe is short for "profesor," which is the word often used to describe a high school teacher.  This year I will teach Spanish 2 and Spanish 3. Please contact me at with any comments and questions.     

I am proud to be a National Board Certified teacher and to have received my bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin--Madison.  I began my career in Houston, TX where I taught 5th grade, in Spanish, to classes of recent immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries.  I have been in the teaching profession for 20 years--as an elementary school 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teacher, as a teacher trainer for grades k-12, as a Spanish teacher for grades k-5, and now as a high school Spanish teacher.  For the past 14 years I taught in Asheville City Schools.  This is my second year teaching at AC Reynolds.  I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this teaching and learning community.      

When I'm not teaching and planning for school I like to spend time with my immediate family--my partner and two elementary-age kids--and my parents who live a short walk away.  We hike, canoe, camp, design and build things, cook, sew, read, play violin, garden and travel.  This summer we traveled across the country and up into Canada in an electric car, logging 7,000 miles.  We visited many sites related to Lewis and Clark's expedition, as well as National Parks and Monuments, including Glacier National Park and Banff National Park.  

I like to use Google Apps for my teaching program so I plan to place important documents and information about my Spanish program on a Google Site linked below.  Click on the link to learn about language standards, how students learn a second language and how I assess student progress.