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Check out this Spanish 2 Intro video for students and parents!

Students: Find your ZOOM LINK in your email inbox:  instructions in an email called READ THIS NOW. 

here for this semester's course guide, including details about grading.

teacher email:

           Spanish 21st, 2nd, 3rd period    

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 2:00-3:00

REMIND 101 LINKS:  Students, click the CORRECT link now: 
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egister you for the class. 
First period:
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Below you will find answers to 9 important questions about this unique semester.  At the bottom there is a link to my course guide and other information about language learning . . .

     1.  Where can students find their Zoom link?
     2.  How will instruction be delivered?
     3.  How can students get help if they are struggling?
     4. What if students have technology problems?
     5. How can students keep track of assignments?
When will assignments be due?
     7.  How will students be graded? 
     8.  What supplies will students need?
     9.  Where can I find the course guide and other info about the course?


1.  Where can students find their Zoom link?
Students should use the code that is listed on this website (above) to join our Google Classroom.  Once in Google Classroom students will find the Zoom link at the top of the section called CLASSWORK.  They will use that Zoom link to log in to our Zooms on M,T, Th and F.

2.  How will instruction be delivered?

I will teach new concepts through 5-minute instructional videos on a platform called Edpuzzles.  Students will watch those videos, take notes, and answer questions in the app as they watch.  That instruction will be supplemented during Zooms and will be practiced through written assignments on a variety of tech platforms.  The onus will be on students to ask for help when they are struggling with a concept.  All Spanish 2 content builds off of what was learned in Spanish 1 so it might help for them to refer to their notes from that course.  

3.  How can students get help if they are struggling?

Tutorial videos--for both Spanish concepts and technology support--will be posted on Google Classroom. These videos are the first place students should look for support. If students need help after watching instructional videos, they can email me to set up a Zoom meeting.  We will figure out a time that works for both of us. I am committed to providing the support students and parents need, so I invite both students and parents to contact me whenever they need something--we can communicate via email, phone, or Zoom.  I will return emails and calls from parents and students within 48 hours, but typically much sooner.

4.  What if students have technology problems?  
Students will be responsible for efficiently addressing tech problems that are affecting their ability to attend Zooms and complete assignments on time.  If it's an application concern, first watch my tech support videos to be sure you know how to access the application.  If it's a hardware problem or if the application is not operating properly on their computer they should immediately contact the district help desk to get those issues resolved so as to not affect their progress in the course.
 They will find a link with contact info at the top of their Google Classroom.

5.  How can students keep track of assignments?
Students will find their daily assignments posted on Google Classroom under the heading RECOMMENDED FOR MONDAY,  RECOMMENDED FOR TUESDAY etc.  Friday they will receive an Assignments Checklist that looks like this:

6.  When will assignments be due? 
Many assignments will be due on Friday.  If an assignment is due on Friday it won't have a due date listed in Google Classroom. But some will be due on a particular day--in that case, the assignment will explicitly say, DUE TODAY in its title and will have a unique due date listed in Google Classroom.   

7.  How will students be graded?

Students will be graded in the same ways they are graded in regular in-class learning.  See the link to my Google Site below to see specific grading categories and their weights. Grades will be posted regularly in Power School.  If parents are not able to access Power School they can email me for support or for a quick screenshot of their child's Power School grade book.  In Power School, when an assignment is not turned in it will be indicated with an orange symbol.  When it needs corrections it will be indicated with a blue symbol.  I plan to grade the week's work within 9 days of its due date.

8.  What supplies will students need for each Zoom and for in-person class?
     1.  A dedicated Spanish notebook.  Students will take notes in this for every Zoom and for many assignments.  It is critical that students have a unique notebook for Spanish. I don't want them writing on loose paper, and I don't want them to have a notebook that is shared with another course.
     2.  A pencil or a pen
     3.  Students will need to maintain their school-issued laptop and be sure that it is charged.
** I found last semester that many students said that they couldn't take notes because they didn't have a pencil or pen, so I will be putting a zero in Power School this semester when students are not prepared to participate fully in class learning.  Parents, Please let me know via email if you need help with obtaining a notebook and/or pencils--I'll work with the school to be sure your child has what they need.  

9.  Where can I find the course guide?
At the link below you will find my Google Website, where you can find the course guide and other info about the course.

Be well, and contact me with any questions, concerns or needs.

--Shannon Fields