Course Overview
Principles of Business and Finance
This course introduces students to topics related to business, finance, management, and marketing to cover business in the global economy, functions of business organization and management, marketing basics, and significance of business financial and risk management. Students will be engaged in a 100% digital setting from the taking of notes, to working on projects in a collaborative setting, completing formative assessments to check mastery of content, and completing project based learning that will connect classroom information to the world of work. Students will also be exposed to DECA and how this student organization prepares students to be leaders in the fields of business and marketing.  By successfully completing this course students will have fulfilled the prerequisite for taking Entrepreneurship I.
This course is available as standard or honors curriculum.
Entrepreneurship I
In this course, students evaluate the concepts of going into business for themselves and working for or operating a small business. Emphasis is on the exploration of feasible ideas of products/services, research procedures, business financing, marketing strategies, and access to resources for starting a small business. Students develop components of a business plan and evaluate start up requirements. English language arts and social studies are reinforced. Students will also be exposed to DECA and how this student organization prepares students to be leaders in the fields of business and marketing.Students who complete this course with a final grade of 85% and at least a 90% on the Career and Technical Post Assessment will receive credit at AB-Tech through the local articulation agreement that applies to this course.


Marketing Education prepares students for postsecondary education and careers in marketing communications, marketing management, marketing research, merchandising, and professional sales. Marketing consists of making socioeconomic decisions and producing goods and services for consumer consumption. This course will show you all facets of marketing, and  is as specific as procedures for merchandising and as general as the creativity needed to develop an effective promotion.

The function of marketing occurs in all industries. Application of skills in reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, inquiry-based, problem-solving and psychology is found throughout the curriculum. The pace at which marketing activities are changing has accelerated due to environmental shifts taking place in the business world: downsizing, outsourcing, off-shoring, mergers, global competition, world markets, and technological innovations. These changes impact the skills, attitudes, and abilities needed for success in today's workplace.


This course serves as an introductory course for students interested in pursuing a career in the world of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.