Course Overview
Theatre Arts One (Beginning Theatre)
This course serves as an introduction into the world of theatre arts. Theatre history (including period scene work), body exploration (alignment, posture, breath control, feelings), stage elements (directions, proper terminology), acting (characterization: solo and ensemble work), cultural explorations (Musical Mondays and Theatre Thursdays) and basic coverage of technical elements (set/costume/lighting design) will be explored.  The theatre history will take the student through the writings of Shakespeare. In addition, students will be expected to attend at least one Fine Arts performance during the semester and reflect upon their experience.  
Theatre Arts Two (Intermediate)
This course takes a deeper look into the theatre arts. It allows students to explore their feelings and recognize their own acting style. The theatre history picks up after Shakespeare and continues until modern theatre. Through this exploration of history, scene work will further develop and strengthen as students continue to make those connections between the past, and what they recognize as theatre today. Deeper study and applied skills of technical theatre, acting, and directing will take place. Furthermore, an emphasis will be placed on Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), masks and puppetry. Students will perform a TYA play. 
 Theatre Arts Three (Proficient)
By now, students have actively decided to make the theatre arts a pathway for graduation. This course allows students to have the freedom through collaboration in choosing the literary texts in which they (the class) would like to study. Students will be expected to sharpen their leadership skills as script work, characterization, technical theatre, directing, and cultural studies increase in rigor. In addition, students will be working in teams to write and perform original scripts as Reader's Theatre in the Asheville/Reynolds Community.
Theatre Arts Four (Advanced)
Students at this level are expected to rise to the challenge of emerging themselves into the world of the actor. The skills learned in acting and technical theatre that were nurtured and practiced will now be applied during the North Carolina Theatre Conference's annual One Act Play Competition.  All students are expected to participate in this event. In addition, this course refines the term "theatre" as individuals reflect upon their journey and prepare for their next steps in the theatre arts. The One Act play, that is student chosen, designed, and directed, will be presented as a school production.
Theatre Arts Specialization - (Technical Theatre) 
This course allows for independent study as well as guided practice in ALL areas of the technical elements of theatre. Students will learn and apply production elements through sound, lighting, costume design and set design. These applied practices will be demonstrated during school performances.