Due: Thursday, March 12
Radical, Rational Exponents PRACTICE

Due: Friday, March 6

Exponent and Radical Rules

Due: Wednesday, March 4
Properties of Radicals

Due: Monday, March 2

Exponent Rules

Due: Friday, February 28

Snowman Puzzle (Exponent Rules)

Due: Thursday, February 20
Part 4/5/6:  Representing and Solving Inverse, and Rational/Irrational Numbers

Due: Monday, February 17
Part 3: Applications

Due: Friday, February 14

Part 2: Inverse Variation

Due: Thursday, February 13
Part 1: Direct Variation

Due:  Monday, February 10

Quadratics Review

Due:  Thursday, February 6
Quadratic Formula Practice

Due:  Tuesday, February 4
Graphing Quadratic Functions

Due:  Wednesday, January 29

HANDOUT (Factoring)

Due:  Tuesday, January 28
Factoring Practice

Due:  Monday, January 27

Got a Parabo-lem?

Due:  Wednesday, January 22
Mid-Chapter Review

Due:  Tuesday, January 14

A Transformation Example

Due:  Thursday, January 9
Function Notation