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Precalculus Honors is a rigorous, fast-paced mathematics course that is designed to prepare the student for calculus or for college-level mathematics.  It is a step up from previous math courses and may require an adjustment period for some students, especially those students who have not had Math 3 recently or those who did not take the honors level Math 3 course.  Students who fall into this category should plan for regular tutoring to brush up on the algebra skills needed to be successful in the course.  Throughout the course, students will review and delve deeper into some previous concepts such as polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  In addition, we will cover trigonometry, polar coordinates, vectors, parametric equations, conics, sequences and series, and limits.

Getting Help

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Course Outline

Chapter 1 – Review
Chapter 2 - Functions and Graphs
Chapter 3 - Polynomials and Rational Functions
Chapter 4 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 
Chapter 5 - Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 6 - Analytic Trigonometry
Chapter 7 - Applications of Trig Functions
Chapter 8 - Polar Coordinates, Vectors, Parametrics
Chapter 9 - Analytic Geometry - Conic Sections 
Chapter 11 - Sequences and Series
Chapter 13 - Limits and Calculus Preview