Due: Monday, December 9
Conic Sections Review

Due: Friday, December 6
Circles and Parabolas

Due: Wednesday, December 4

Vector Practice

Due: Monday, December 2
Thanksgiving Review

Due: Wednesday, November 20
Sine Law / Ambiguous Sine Law

Due: Tuesday, November 19
Worksheet - Trigonometric Word Problems

Due: Monday, November 18
Analytic Trigonometry M/C (take home test)

Due: Thursday, November 14

Inverse Trig Functions and Trig Identities

Due: Friday, November 12

Inverse Trig Ratios

Due: Friday, November 8

Delta Math assignments (online)

Due: Friday, November 8

Review: Chapters 1-4

Due: Thursday, October 31

Trig Graphs

Due: Tuesday, October 29
WS 4B-74 Trig, No Calculator

Due: Friday, October 25
Trig Ratios of Any Angle

Due: Tuesday, October 22
Linear and Angular Speed Worksheet

Due: Monday, October 21
Radian Measure of Angles / Circular Reasoning

Due: Friday, October 18
Angles and Angle Measure

Due: Friday, October 11
Compound Interest and Exponential Growth/Decay

Due: Wednesday, October 9
Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Due: Monday, October 7
Logarithm Practice

Due: Friday, October 4

Practice Sheet: Evaluating Logarithms
(Extra credit:  Logarithm Fundamentals)

Due: Wednesday, October 2
Exponential Equations Not Requiring Logarithms

Due: Monday, September 30
Function Inverses / Exponent Rules

Due: Monday, September 23
Rational Roots / Descartes Rule of Signs

Due: Thursday, September 19
Worksheet - Putting It All Together

Due: Tuesday, September 17
Discontinuities, Holes, and Vertical Symptotes

Due: Friday, September 13
Polynomial Division

Due: Thursday, September 12
Polynomial Fundamentals

Due: Thursday, September 5
Piecewise Functions WS

Due: Wednesday, September 4
Parent Functions Worksheet

Due: Friday, August 30
Linear Regression Calculator Worksheet 2.5

Due: Wednesday, August 28
C1-L4  Function Operations

Due: Monday, August 26

C1-L2  Even/Odd and Max/Min Functions

Due: Friday, August 23
C1-L1 Basic Definitions