Course Overview

A.C. Reynolds High School Chorus

Phillip Haynie, conductor


office: (828) 298-2500


Choir members will:

  • Develop musical competencies: sight-singing, music theory, breathing and vocal production
  • Explore music from a historical perspective through the study of choral repertoire from various periods.  Students will, at some time, study text in English, Latin, French, German, Spanish, and Italian
  • Successfully perform choral repertoire for the school and community
  • Develop each singer's vocal abilities to the fullest potential
  • Encourage concert attendance and stimulate musical growth with the hope that students will continue their contact with music after graduation
  • Be prepared for evaluations of material covered during class, either by performance, or by written tests and individual vocal assessments.

Rehearsal, Performance & Attendance Policy 

All rehearsals and concerts of the AC Reynolds High School choirs are mandatory.  On the day of a concert, the dress rehearsal will occur after school in the afternoon.  If a student fails to attend this rehearsal, he or she may not sing at the concert.   This means that you must communicate with parents, coaches, places of employment and those responsible for transportation and schedules in advance. Students who are ill, but are in school, are not excused from rehearsal.  Such students are expected to follow along in their music for the duration of the rehearsal. Only the conductor may authorize an absence from a rehearsal or performance.  If a student exceeds the allotted amount of absences from school and does not make up lost rehearsal time, he or she will not be allowed to perform at any choral concert, festival or contest. If a student is absent from school on the day of any choral event, he or she will not be permitted to participate in that event. The Chorale and the Madrigal Singers are advanced ensembles and will be expected to participate and perform more than the Mixed Chorus, will have many after school commitments and are required to participate in any honor choir, all state, contest or regional choral festival that is selected for that given year.  Please understand that these rules are in place so that our choirs can be as successful as possible.

Participation in Honors Chorus and All County Chorus

Returning Senior Members of Chorale will be offered audition spots for NC High School Honors Chorus first as it meets honors credit requirements for the ensemble.  All other available audition spots will be offered in order of seniority to other returning members.  For participation in All County Chorus, tenors and basses will be offered spots first at the request of the county to account for balance within the ensemble.  Then, the remaining seats will be offered by seniority keeping balanced soprano and alto sections in mind.  These rules are in place to accommodate limited seating for either event, balanced SATB ensembles and to honor upper level students academic requirements at the honors level.


*Students will be graded on the knowledge of the music in their folders and will be expected to pass all music before they will be allowed to participate in either the dress rehearsal, concert or any other performing opportunities presented throughout the course of the semester.  Music testing will proceed as follows for each class:

Chorale: Quartets or Octets (depending on divisi) with the conductor in front of class

Mixed Chorus: Octets with the conductor in front of class

*Students are expected to obtain a folder for class and are responsible for bringing this folder to class each day.  The folder will contain at least two sharpened pencils, notebook paper, dividers, the syllabus, assigned music and the student’s name clearly displayed in the inside cover.  There will be occasional folder checks, which will count as a quiz grade worth 10 points.

*There will be at least one exam during the semester.  The test will cover Music Theory and/or Music History respectively. 

**Performances are considered tests with the final concert of the semester counting as the final exam.  The director must approve an absence from a performance making timely communication vitalOnly an approved absence will result in either performing one’s part for every song on the concert in front of class or a 10 to 15-page research paper on a topic of the conductor’s choice. Failure to do either assignment will result in a failed test grade or a failed final exam grade and removal from an advanced choir or another semester in a lower level choirThere will not be an alternate assignment offered to replace an unapproved missed performance and the failed grade will stand


  • Be on time for all events (early is on time, on time is late, and late is rude). If you are late to class by virtue of being held over by another AC Reynolds staff member, a note of admission will be expected from that person.  For all concerts or events outside of school, you should be present and in place at least 15 minutes early.
  • Cell phones must be stored in designated classroom location during class and bags stored against the wall, away from seats.  Collected phones will be taken to the front desk where they will have to be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  • No foul language
  • Only have your folder, pencils and water with you at your seats during rehearsal
  • Bring water or a water bottle to class (only pure water will be permitted in the classroom)
  • Do not talk while the teacher is instructing class
  • Be courteous to the instructor and each other – everyone is expected to respect the rights, feelings and opinions of others at all times
  • No Gum
  • No food or drinks in the choir room
  • Each student is required to bring his or her own folder to every rehearsal and performance
  • Excellent academic performance; if a student cannot maintain at least a C average in his or her general academics, participation in chorus will be limited and/or possibly denied until those grades can be raised.
  • Possession of any tobacco products is against school policy.  The use of said products is also harmful to the body and vocal mechanism.  Any student found using or possessing these products are subject to school penalties and may be removed from the choral program by the conductor.
  • Students found to be in possession or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are subject to school penalties and may be removed from the choral program by the conductor.
  • All chorus students are expected to follow all A.C. Reynolds High School regulations and policies.  All students should read the students handbook and become familiar with all school rules and regulations.  The attendance policy is in effect for all classes.

Performance Attire

  • All students in the A.C. Reynolds Choral program are expected to wear the required performance outfit. No exceptions.  It is recommended to start looking immediately for the required items, as our performances will begin very soon after the start of the semester. 

  • Chorale ladies will be required to purchase a performance dress and pearl necklace.  They will also be required to wear black, close-toed dress shoes.  No jewelry other than pearls, class rings and watches will be permitted in performance and hair must be styled up and away from the face.

Mixed Chorus ladies will be required to purchase a black performance dress, and must wear black, close-toed dress shoes.  No jewelry other than class rings and watches will be permitted in performance and hair must be styled away from the face.

  • Beginning Chorus ladies and gentlemen will be required to wear a solid black, long-sleeved shirt, solid black dress slacks or, for ladies a solid black, floor length skirt and black, close-toes dress shoes.
  • Chorale gentlemen will be required to wear a black suit (dress pants and jacket or tuxedo) with a white, long-sleeved, wing tip collared, button down dress shirt, black belt, black socks and black dress shoes.  They will be required to purchase a bowtie and black vest.  No jewelry other than class rings and watches will be permitted in performance.

Mixed Chorus gentlemen will be required to wear a solid black, long-sleeved, button-down dress shirt, a black neck tie, black dress pants, black belt, black dress socks and black dress shoes.  No jewelry other than class rings and watches will be permitted in performance.

  • The conductor reserves the right to not allow a student to perform on any concert if he or she is not dressed according to the performance dress code.

**If there are any issues or concerns in obtaining any of these items, please feel free to contact Mr. Haynie and he will do whatever he can to help.

Important Dates

These dates are subject to change if conflicts should arise with the school calendar.  It is possible that some additional performances could be added.  Students will be notified as soon as possible and well in advance of any changes or additions.

Thursday, Jan. 24 – Mars Hill Choral Clinic Zone Rehearsal, TC Roberson High School, 4:30 pm

 Feb.1 - 2 – Mars Hill Choral Clinic

 Thursday, March 14 – Spring Choral Concert & Senior Night, 5:30 call, 7:00 concert, ACRHS Fine Arts Building

  • This is a required performance and counts as an exam grade

 Tuesday, March 19 – Large Ensemble MPA, Brevard College

  • This is required and counts as an exam grade

 March 25 - 30 – Production Week for Singin’ in the Rain

 (Friday, April 5 – possible Cane Creek Middle School visit)

 April 13 – 21 SPRING BREAK

 May 10-11 – Carowinds Festival of Music

 Thursday, May 23 – Memorial Day Concert, Arden Presbyterian Church, call time 4:00, concert 6:30

  • This is a required performance and counts as the FINAL EXAM

 Saturday, June 15 - Graduation

Student/Parent Agreement


I, ____________________ (print name), have read the student handbook and understand both what I am responsible for and what is expected of me this semester in the A.C. Reynolds High School choral program.  I know that should I or my parent/guardian have any questions we can reach Mr. Haynie by way of e-mail and/or telephone and he will be of any assistance he can be.


Student Signature _______________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________




Parent/Guardian Name _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address             ________________________________________________________


Home Phone                _________________________________________________________

Work Phone                 _________________________________________________________

Cell Phone (Student)    _________________________________________________________

Cell Phone (Parent)      _________________________________________________________

E mail Address (Parent)    _______________________________________________________