AP Calculus



  • You have to join the AP Calculus 2021 Summer Work class on Khan Academy 
  • (Note: Class assignments may not be immediately visible but you can start on them anyway)
  • Your assignments are to complete all the quizzes in the following units:
  • - Get Ready for Limits & Continuity (7 quizzes)
  •   - Get Ready for Definition and Basic Derivative Rules (3 quizzes)
  •   - Get Ready for Composite, Implicit, and Inverse Functions (4 quizzes)
  •   - Get Ready for Applying Derivatives to Analyze Functions (3 quizzes)
  • You have to achieve mastery on each quiz - if you don't get mastery, you have to try it again.
  • There is no requirement to do any of the included lessons, but you may want to if you need a review of the material.
  • These are all due by the end of the first week of school (Aug 27 - 90% credit) with full credit by the end of the first day of school  (Aug 23 - 100% credit).