Classroom Expectations

During In-Person Classes - Onboarding & Student Support weeks and potential return to partial or full-time in-person instruction
  • Report to class on-time in Room 116.  While we are operating under Plan B, you must report to your classroom for that day as soon as you arrive at school.
  • Always wear a mask inside the school building unless you are eating or drinking.
  • Maintain our distance requirements by only using designated seats, and always bringing your classroom materials (pencil, paper, laptop.)  Sharing of materials is not allowed this year.
  • It is very important that you always come to school with a fully charged laptop.  There will not be loaner devices available.  
  • When you are in class, your phone must be completely packed away.  We will not use phone caddies this year but phones will be confiscated if they are used at inappropriate times.
  • Most days in Plan B you will not physically be in our classroom even if you have chosen in-person learning.  You will be in the cohort that is not on campus that day, or you will be in one of your other classrooms.  On these days, there will usually not be a live Zoom session for your class, but you need to check in at the Google Classroom to get your assignments, make submissions as needed, and get credit for attendance.  For attendance purposes you must make your class contact by 2:00pm.

During Remote Learning
  • If there is a reading or video assignment from the prior day's assignment, finish that before the start of the school day.
  • Check the Google Classroom prior to class to see what materials you will need.  Have paper and pencil handy.  If there are websites we are going to use (they will be linked the assignment on Google Classroom) have them open.
  • Be ready to begin our live meeting and instruction promptly at 1:00pm.
  • Have your video on, and mute your audio unless you need to speak.
  • Have materials ready.  You should have pencil and paper handy to work with.
  • Your clothing and background should be school-appropriate.
  • Please put your phone away and do not use other sites on your computer while we are in live meeting.