AP Computer Science


AP Computer Science A is being offered at A.C. Reynolds for the first time in several years.  This is a fall-semester course to prepare for the AP Exam in May.  If you receive a proficient score on the AP Exam most colleges will give you credit for an introductory Computer Science course, and/or let you place directly into a higher level course
AP Computer Science uses the Java programming language.  No prior experience in any programming language is assumed.  This will a fast-paced course to cover all the material in one semester, and we will have review sessions prior to the AP exam in the spring.  We will not cover any coding languages other than Java, but the basic programming concepts covered in the course translate directly to any other programming language.

IMPORTANT START-UP INFORMATION:  There will be attendance  daily for every class, beginning the first day of school.  See the announcement page or the Google Classroom for more info.  Be sure you accept your Google Classroom invitation, and check in to class daily, even if you are in a group that is not on campus that day.

Our Class Time: Class is second period. During onboarding we will be in our classroom (Room 116) from 9:00-1:00 on Aug. 19 (Cohort A) or Aug. 20 (Cohort B.)  During virtual learning, we will meet on Zoom from 10:00-10:30 every school day.