Math 4

Math 4 is a new course that satisfies the fourth-level math requirement on all graduation pathways, satisfies the math requirement for UNC system admission, and can help you place out of remedial math courses at AB-Tech and other two-year colleges.

IMPORTANT START-UP INFORMATION:  We will be remote-only for at least the first two weeks of the semester.  All cohorts will participate in the class Zoom, lessons will be posted every day on Google Classroom, and Wednesday's will be asynchronous.   See the announcement page or the Google Classroom for more info.  Be sure you accept your Google Classroom invitation, and check in to class daily, even if you are in a group that is not on campus that day.

Our Class Time: First period is 8:00-9:25 on in-person days.  Zoom will begin at 8:30 for students not in-person.. Third period is from 11:20-1:25 for in-person students (which includes lunch) and the Zoom time is 12:30.