Math Club / Math Team

THURSDAY MARCH 19 - MATH CONTEST - At this time (Monday morning Mar.16) WCU plans to hold the math contest by having each school give the tests to its contestants on its own campus.  If nothing changes it will be done at some point that morning in the cafeteria.  If you are doing the math contest (or want to - we have some space!) contact me for a practice test and you can have that as an extra credit assignment for this week.

Math club will meet in Room 116 at 7:20am on every Thursday until the WCU math contest, and right after school on Tuesdays.  Meetings after the contest to practice for state qualifiers and prepare for exam tutoring sessions will be announced later.

Practice problems for October 23 - Divisibility

 Math Team competitions for 2019-20:
  • American Mathematics Competition - Thur  Jan 20.  This is a longstanding and prestigious national competition that begins with a multiple choice exam done at school.  There are two levels - AMC12 (any students are eligible) and AMC10 (open to 10th grade and under).  The top scorers qualify for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination later in the spring.
  • WCU math contest - Thur, Mar 19.  This is one of the oldest and biggest regional math contests in North Carolina.  (Mr. Honea won in 1987!)  There are four levels, based on which math courses a student is enrolled in for the current year, and the top finishers at each level advance on to the state contest.  The number of entries allowed varies depending on the level, and ACR hopes to fill all the spaces available.  Selection will be based on performance in practice exams and participation in math club.  This event is entirely within the school day and is school-funded (including lunch.)