Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Fall 2020
Please note - this page contains general information for all classes about virtual learning for Fall 2020.  If you need information about a specific course, please visit that page on the menu at left, or contact Mr. Honea directly.
Contact:  [email protected]
Office Hours - M-F 9:00-10:00 and 1:30-2:30 and by appointment.
  I can be reached at many other times, but will commit to responding quickly to any inquiries during these time frames.
Class Hours:  During virtual learning days each class will meet daily via Zoom, during the first half of the designated class hour:
2nd period - 10:00-10:30
3rd period - 12:00-12:30
4th period - 1:00-1:30
See the class pages and syllabi for more info; Zoom invitations will be shared with students via email.
Instructions to install Zoom and get a virtual TI calculator on your computer
During in-person weeks, students who are not in class for a given day will have assignments in Google Classroom, and additional online support opportunities will be provided.

Virtual Learning Platform - Google Classroom.  All students will also need to have accounts on Khan Academy using their assigned BCS student account.  Any student having problems accessing the Google Classroom or the Khan Academy class for their course should contact Mr. Honea immediately to get an enrollment link.
Google Classroom signup instructions
Online Learning Account - It is required that you use your student account ([email protected]) when signing up for any online platforms such as Google Classroom, Khan Academy, etc.  If asked to choose a username, please use your actual name that you regularly use at school.