Agricultural/Horticultural Course Overview

The Agricultural Electives are available for students who are interested in careers in or related to agriculture.  Currently 1 in 5 jobs/careers are somehow related to agriculture and food production. We offer the following classes:
  • Agriscience - the basic course for all students covers environmental science, plant science, environmental and animal science
  • Animal Science I - Animal care, feeds & feeding, psychology, management, and veterinary technology
  • Ag Production I & II - Animal, crop and forestry production, related management problems and finances.
  • Horticulture I & II - Ornamental and Nursery production, turfgrass, greenhouses their and related management
  • Ag Mechanics I & II - Basic mechanics, tools, woodworking, metal working, plumbing, electrical, machine operation and maintenance.
  • All classes have a state EOC, mandatory for all students usually a 100 question multiple choice test worth 25% of the total class grade