Horticulture I & II

Horticulture I is Leadership and Employability, Plant growth and development (usually in our working greenhouse and on campus plant beds or the school garden), Soil and nutrients related to plants, Pesticides and their use, Plant Identification, Plant propagation, and the general science/biology of plant growth and reproduction..  

Horticulture II is a continuation of Horticulture I and Floriculture, Nursery Plants Landscape design and landscaping, Plant ID, Greenhouse Plant Production, and Floral design, Florist.

All students are encouraged to work for a Horticultural Employer or volunteer to gain valuable work based hands on experience.  Students can receive a high school credit while working, either during or after school in our internship program.  For more information about internships please contact our guidance department or our CDC/CTE Coordinator at (828) 298-2500