Course Overview


This class is designed to increase your overall fitness level and physical preparedness. How much you improve and develop is strictly up to you. We expect maximum effort from each student everyday; (REMEMBER YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE, AND IMPROVE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY). If the will is there, you will see results.

1. Students are expected to be on time. This means you are in the gym when the bell rings and you are dressed and ready to warm-up 10 minutes later.

2. Make sure you do not leave valuables in the locker room. Valuables can be given to one of the coaches for safe keeping.

3. Students are expected to do every part of the workout each day in order to get credit for participation.

4. Students who are sick or injured are expected to bring a doctors’ note in order to be excused from working out. Each time a student fails to complete the workout 5 points will be deducted from the final 6 weeks average.

5. Concessions will be made for students participating on our athletic teams on game days.

6. Once the class begins the workout all students will remain with the class unless given permission to leave. Students are encouraged to bring a plastic water bottle to class daily.

7. Students will also engage in activities designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, linear speed and agility. Each student will be expected to participate with the same effort in these activities.

8. Students will be given 15 minutes to get dressed at the end of class. You will be expected to remain in the gym until the bell rings.

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