Course Overview

Civics and Economics

American History Founding Principles is a survey course designed to introduce politics and economics to students.  Through this course, students will gain an understanding of the emergence of American political parties from their beginning to present day and knowledge of America’s defiance of Great Britain and the revolution that changed America forever.  Students will study the Constitution and the three branches of government that govern this great county today.  They will then learn about their home state of North Carolina and the local government that governs Buncombe County.  Lastly, this course will allow students to understand the importance of economics in our daily lives.  My hope through this course is to allow students to better understand the government that governs us.  This course is to show them that they too can be productive members of society and continue to make America great!

World History

World History is a survey class developed to allow you a better understanding of how our world is the way it currently is.  Throughout this course, you will be learning about various areas of the world including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. This class will cover river civilizations, classic civilizations, post classical eras, Golden Ages and Renaissance eras, revolutionary eras, the world wars, the Cold War, and modern events that have helped to shape the current world.  We will delve into different cultures, geographies, understand the development and evolution of trade networks, scientific inventions, and governmental philosophies.  The goal of this class is that you will understand the development of the modern day world so that when you travel to distant and far lands you will obtain a greater understanding and appreciation of the history and culture.