Honors American History 1

Welcome to Honors American History 1

American History I is a survey, semester long class in which you will acquire, analyze, and observe historical occurrences spanning from the colonization of the North American continent through the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. 
 Through this class, you will build your foundation of US history and make connections and observations of how America has transformed into the modern-day America.  By the end of this class, you will be able to better trace the social, economic, and political advancements, or lack thereof, for majority and marginalized people groups.  We will trace historical occurrences and people by war and diplomacy, politics, gender, the fight for equality, slavery, ethnic inequalities, and reform.   As we go through American 1, we will be addressing and working through the following themes: Politics and Power

  • Development of Self-Identity
  • Change Over Time
  • War and Diplomacy
  • Relationship of Progress and the American Dream
  • Settlement, Migration and Expansion
  • Tracing the struggle for freedom, equality, and power

In addition to content, hopefully, you will gain an understanding of historical arguments and how to deconstruct them, interpret and argue primary and secondary sources, and how to contextualize given topics and compare those topics within given eras.

Recources Needed: 
-Spiral Notebook or a composition notebook for notes

-Pencils or Pens

- Please see our canvass cite for our class syllabus 

Digital Resources you will need:

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