Handy Dandy Documents

English Department Summer Work 2017

All English department summer work can be found in this Google Docs folder: English Department Summer Work 2017

English IH Opening Paperwork

This PDF contains information sheets and paperwork students are given on their first day of English IH. English IH 2017 Opening Packet

English IH Vocabulary List

Here is a copy of your English I Vocabulary List in case you lost the one I provided in class.

English IH Summer Work 2017

Your entire summer assignment packet is included here. A nonfiction response template is linked separately if that's all you need.

Summer Work 2017 (Microsoft Word format)

Summer Work 2017 (Google Doc Format)

Nonfiction Response Template

The link below takes you to a Word version of just the nonfiction response part of the summer work. You can use it as a template for your five responses.  If you are interested in a Google Doc version, click here:  Google Doc Nonfiction Response

NONFICTIONASSIGNMENTSHEET.docx 12.42 KB (Last Modified on May 19, 2016)

PDF of Short Story / Poetry Unit Materials

    PDF ShoPo.pdf 164.87 KB (Last Modified on October 9, 2015)

Supply List

Here is a list of what you'll need for the course as well as a "wish list" of items for the classroom.

Freshman orientation.doc 24.50 KB (Last Modified on August 10, 2014)