Love, Beth (English IH, English IV, English II)

Welcome to the House of Love!
Elizabeth Love
A.C. Reynolds High School

Spring 2021 Introductory Video

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I have been teaching English for twenty-two years and have been at A.C.R. since January of 2003. I am currently teaching English IV and yearbook, though I have taught at all four grade levels. My dad, a business man, has always said that "you gotta have a gimmick," no matter what your business. My gimmicks are my silly sense of humor and unwillingness to take myself or my subject too seriously. I love reading and writing, but I'm aware that not all high school students do. My goal is for all students to be comfortable enough in my class to make an effort even if the subject matter is difficult for them. I work hard in my classroom and I expect the same from my students.

I live in Fairvew with my husband Greg (the band director at A.C. Reynolds Middle), our two daughters, our two dog, a bunny, and a ball python.