Basic Information

Contact Info: 

  • 298-2500 from 7:45 - 9:15 and 3:00  - 3:30
My Spring 2021 Schedule:

1st Period - Plan
2nd Period - English IH (Zoom @ 10:00)
3rd Period - Yearbook (Zoom @ 12:30)
4th Period - English IH (Zoom @ 1:45)

Virtual School Expectations

For now, access to your school laptop, pen and paper should be all you require. I am asking each of you to select a coming-of-age novel and have it in hand by Monday, January 11th. These can be accessed digitally, borrowed from the school or library, or purchased. More information is available in my Google Classroom. All students in English IH have been sent an invitation to join my Google Classroom in their school email.

Fair Warning:

  • Be ready for lots of reading, writing and speaking!
  • Check your "Weekly Agenda" every day! It changes throughout the week!
  • Keep track of a calendar and check it often for regular assignments (lit terms, vocab) and long-term project due dates.