Ludwig (Becerra), Justine (English)

 Ludwig and daughter

Hello My Name Is...

Justine Ludwig 


Formerly known as Ms. Becerra. I got married June 20th 2020 and have since changed my last name! In addition to my name change, I am currently expecting a baby boy November 14th and will be on maternity leave when baby arrives through March 1st of 2021. 

A brief history of my teaching career: I taught high school English in California for several years before moving to Asheville in 2017; I began teaching at Reynolds in 2018. I earned my Master's degree in English at California State University Los Angeles, and taught composition courses there for one year.  

I'm excited to be back in the classroom again this year, and I hope to make the most of the time we have together. Please check-out the "Brief Introduction" tab to have a look at my Introductory Powerpoint and Video (embedded within).