Martin, Joseph (Special Services)

Hello My Name Is...

Joe Martin


I am very excited to be at AC Reynolds this year.  This is my fourth year teaching in Buncombe County and first year at ACRHS.  I attended Central Michigan University where I received my Bachelor's degree in Education.  I teach math in the EC department.  I am married and have two dogs.  My hobbies include hiking, exercise, music and reading.  My schedule is as follows

1st Block - Resource Math
2nd Block - Resource Math
3rd Block - Inclusion Math
4th Block - Planning

Classroom Rules and Regulations

Resource Math

  1. All school rules found in the student handbook apply to this classroom.
  2. Students must be in the room before the bell rings.  If not, the students will be considered tardy.
  3. Each day, students are expected to work on assignments from their regular education classes and/or assignments given in Academic Support. It is the student’s responsibility to bring materials that needs to be completed or reviewed from their other classes.  If the student finishes their work, they are expected to read or review their assignments.
  4.  If the student fails to work on any assignment, either one from my class or another class, this will warrant a reduction in the time usage grade. Disturbing other students by talking or being disruptive will not be allowed.
  5. Sleeping in class will not be allowedA referral will be written after the student is warned.

  6. All students are expected to come to class with pencil and paper and be prepared to work.
  7. This is not a beauty shop, so no fixing hair or applying make-up. It is also not a basketball court. Put your trash in the trash can, do not throw it.
  8. Anything that can be considered a distraction to learning is not allowed.  This includes behavior.  TOYS will be confiscated. No student is allowed to disturb other students who are trying to use their time wisely.
  9. Students will always treat the teacher and classmates in a respectful manner while in this classroom. This includes keeping their hands and disrespectful comments to themselves.
  10. Inappropriate language will NOT be tolerated.
  11. The computer is for school work, not just cruising the internet.  Examples: research for projects, typing papers, etc
  12. .
  13.  Food is not allowed in the classroom.  Drinks must be in a reclosable bottle.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions
Rm 237