Literacy Strategies

LDC: Literacy Design Collaborative

OMG -- words cannot begin to describe this resource adequately -- whether you teach science, English, social studies, whatever. . . . this is a must see resource with writing prompts, lesson plans, templates, and other goodies.

Think Literacy Library

Awesome content-specific literacy lessons, strategies, videos, and more from the Ontario Ministry of Education.
 Dig DEEP into this site; there is layer after layer after awesome layer!

Adolescent Literacy

 This site has a wealth of ideas to use pre, during, and post instruction. You'll find literacy strategies, differentiation ideas, and formative assessments.

BCS Balanced Literacy Moodle

This is a great site for accessing engaging literacy strategies (pre, during, and post instruction). You will also find presentations and tools from our district workshops.


Dinah Zikes shows how to create every foldable under the sun (with content examples)!