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The Yellow Wallpaper, Elaine Hedges

100 best characters of all time

According to this list, Holden is a very memorable character. 

Writing a book review

Use this site to read the example of a book review and how to write a book review.  

1902 article about incipient insanity relating to "The Yellow Wallpaper."

In the Sept. 6, 1902 issue of the British Medical Journal, there is a small mention of how a doctor would have perceived the "incipient insanity" diagnosis that was present in Charlotte Perkins Gilmore's "The Yellow Wallpaper."

"The Yellow Wallpaper" controversy with the publication

An article exploring the controversy with publishing "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Essay, "Fiction with a Purpose" about "The Yellow Wallpaper"

An essay about Gilman's purpose in writing "The Yellow Wallpaper." 

"The Yellow Wallpaper, Why I wrote it." by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A short essay by the author about why she wrote "The Yellow Wallpaper."