About Me
Welcome To Your Favorite Math Class!!
Daniel Smith
Hello!  My name is Daniel Smith and I am a third year teacher at AC Reynolds High School. 
I am originally from Raeford, NC.  I attended UNCA where I graduated with a degree in General Music and also picked up a minor in General History.  I went back to UNCA in Fall 2012 to work on my teaching certification in mathematics.
Why math?  Math is all around us.  Even if you think "I'm never going to use high school math", I guarantee you will use the reasoning skills you learn in a mathematics class and apply them to other aspects of life.  For example: you would not have headphones if there was no such thing as equations for circles or ellipses (depending on what model of headphones you are wearing, of course!).  
Interests of mine are working out, playing guitar, watching/playing soccer, hiking, reading comic books (Hulk and Aquaman are my 2 faves) and random music trivia.
Fun Fact: I competed in the 2011 CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition.