Virtual Learning 2020-2021

A.C. Reynolds High School Online Learning Plan for 

Concert and Symphonic Band 2020-2021

Sean Smith, Director of Bands

e-mail: [email protected] office: (828) 298-2500

*please contact Mr. Smith through email and I will respond as soon as possible

Technology Help Desk information:

Phone: (828) 255-5987

Email: [email protected] available Mon-Friday 8AM-6PM

Mr. Smith will utilize: Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, MusicProfessor, and Remind 101.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  As you know, we will be starting the school year with mostly virtual learning.  We will tackle any challenges and questions that may arise with positivity and speed. We will continue to become better individual musicians.  With that said, we must think outside the box to mitigate the loss of instruction, playing ability, and interest in instrumental music during this time in order to maintain the quality of our bands at A.C. Reynolds.  Without the ability to meet as a band in the first part of the year, we must strive to become better individual musicians.  We are currently planning an instructional curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student and continue to maintain a superior band program.   

Daily Schedule

Office Hours 8:00 – 9:30 am

Middle school help as needed 10:00 -11:00 am

*Lunch 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Symphonic Band 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Concert Band 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Google Classroom Codes

Students will need to access Google Classroom everyday so go ahead and join your classroom if you are not already a member.  This is where students will find information about concepts and materials as well as their links for class, assignments, and assessments.  Every class meeting will be recorded and be available on request in case a student is absent for any reason. 

3rd period Symphonic Band Students: coming soon

4th period Concert Band Students: coming soon

Remind 101

Please join Remind for communication purposes.  You can also communicate via email:  [email protected].  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. 

3rd period Symphonic Band Students:  @acrband

4th period Concert Band Students:  @acrband1

ACR band program parents remind group:  @acrbandpar 


Band members will:

-Develop musical competencies: sight-reading, music theory, and instrumental music techniques
-Explore music from a historic and global perspective through the study of instrumental music repertoire from various periods.
-Successfully perform instrumental repertoire for the school and community

-Develop each band members abilities to the fullest potential

-Encourage concert attendance and stimulate musical growth with the hope that students will continue their contact with music after graduation

-Be prepared for evaluations of material covered during class, either by performance, or by written tests and individual assessments.

Rehearsal, Performance & Attendance Policy 

All rehearsals and concerts of the AC Reynolds High School band are mandatory.  Students must log in to Zoom or Google Meet with cameras on at the designated time each school day and must do so on time. Tardiness and absences will be recorded as though we were face to face in the classroom and students will be held to traditional attendance expectations.  If a student exceeds the allotted amount of absences from class and does not make up lost rehearsal time, they will not be allowed to perform at any band concert, festival or contest. Please understand that these rules are in place so that our choirs can be as successful as possible.

Grading Policies for the Band Programs

Students’ grades will be determined by the following factors:

-Student attendance, cooperation and effort during classes/rehearsals.

-Improvement in musical skills and knowledge as demonstrated through teacher

observation during daily classes.

-Grades from evaluations (playing and written tests).

-Practice outside of regular band classes (homework).

-Participation in scheduled concerts and performances if applicable.



      -Be on time for all events, including Zoom meeting times.  Absences and tardiness will be recorded just as if we were face to face in the classroom.  Cameras must be on during zoom meetings and mics muted unless otherwise instructed

-No foul or disrespectful language and be conscious of your surroundings when zooming
-Please do not eat or chew gum in zoom meetings as we will be singing and gum, candy, mints, food, etc. are a choking hazard.  It is also a courteous and professional expectation, just as it would be in the classroom.

-Be courteous to the instructor and to each other – everyone is expected to respect the rights, feelings and opinions of others at all times

-Each student is required to have access to all music supplied either electronically or printed at home

-Excellent academic performance; if a student cannot maintain at least a C average in his or her general academics, participation in band will be limited and/or possibly denied until those grades can be raised.
-All band students are expected to follow all A.C. Reynolds High School regulations and policies.  All students should read the student handbook and become familiar with all school rules and regulations.  The attendance policy is in effect for all classes.


Please also refer to all of the other following documents below:

Concert and Symphonic Guidelines.doc

ACR Medical and Insurance Form

ACR Instrument Loan Form

Formal Wear Information