Virtual Learning Instructions

Hybrid Model

General Instructions for Students

Spring Semester 2021

Hello and welcome back to Spring 2021  

Welcome to Woodworking I. 

You should have a working computer.  If not there is a technology help desk, phone number 828-255-5987, or email at [email protected].  If you do not have internet at home you will be given a hotspot, email the media center or an administrator for more information.  If you have a hotspot from Buncombe County, the data is limited so you should not use it to cruise the internet, use it only for school use and limit the time on zoom meetings.

Students need to log onto their devices and update them weekly.  Students also need to look at the ACRHS website for general information, updates to schedules, pictures, class meetings, news, and other information which may pertain to you and your education.  The main goal is to keep students on track to graduate on time from ACRHS, get the classes they need and want, and still meet the DPI mandate for curriculum and rigor in the courses they take.  Grades will be based upon assignments given in Canvas.  Grading policy will follow the same policy as outlined by Buncombe County Schools and A. C. Reynolds High School. There currently will be grades for tests, quizzes, projects, written assignments and worksheets.  I will do my best to post grades in PowerSchool within a couple of days.  Remember that things may change depending upon changes given to us by Local and State government officials as well as our school administration.

  We are to be remote/virtual through at least week 2 so by 12/15/2021 the school board will decide whether or not to continue total remote, do hybrid B, or go to all students returning to regular classes, so keep watching the Buncombe County Schools website at least 3 times each week.

Woodworking class will use Canvas for virtual assignments.  You will need to log onto your device every day, Monday through Friday, when school is scheduled to be in session. Zoom meetings are as follows, 1st period at 8:30 am, 2nd period at 10:00 am and 4th period at 1:45 pm. You will have work time on your own for one half hour after each session. Please be sure you can log onto Canvas and can Zoom meet. Be sure to use CLEVER to sign into ZOOM

An online text and workbook will also be provided via CANVAS. I will also ask you to view YouTube and other videos within lessons, you may wish to view other videos and/or similar videos to further your education on your own. I will preview the assigned videos, please understand there may be some things in videos that I miss and that I am trying to provide you with educational items and information.

All work will be given using Canvas. There will be due dates on the assignments and these dates will be on PowerSchool. Once an assignment is past due, I will put a “INC” in PowerSchool and a zero will be the grade for that assignment. You have 5 days to complete missing work before it becomes a zero. Keep up with your grades and due dates by logging into PowerSchool at least 3 times each week. Late and missing assignments will adversely affect you grade in this class. Any late work will lose 5 points for each day and missing assignments will be recorded as a zero. Life does not allow do-overs, and things must be done on a timely basis.

Grades and Grading – I usually have 4 types of grades, Tests, Classwork, Projects, and a Quizzes.  Since we are working from home, Project assignments will look a little different. 

This grading period is from 12/4/21 till 6/1/21.  Each marking period is 37.5 percent of your grade and the final exam is 25 percent of your final grade, all total to 100 % of your grade for the semester.

If there are questions, problems, or concerns, I will have “office hours” from 8:00 am until 8:30 am, 12:00 noon till 1:00 pm - Monday thru Friday.  You can email me anytime at [email protected].  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Be specific with your questions.

I will assign various projects for you to do at home.  I realize that everyone may not be able to do various specific projects.  If this is the case, please let me know and I can put an exempt grade in for special circumstances.