I cannot stress the importance of practicing math outside of the classroom.  I therefore assign homework weekly.  I also cannot stress enough the importance of your child to know their "times tables."   I know this seems like a silly thing for me to say about upcoming 9th graders, but over 50% of my new students cannot pass the basic 5th grade multiplication test.  This cannot be anymore!  Someone has not done their job if your child does not know them and know them well.  This is on you and your child.  I expect them to be fluent in their "10s" times tables as well as their "perfect squares" up to 15 x 15.  By this I mean 1 x 1...2 x 2...3 x 3..and so on up to 15.   They will be tested quarterly on these important and assumed skills.  Thanks for your attention to this and I know this will help them truly be successful in High School math. 
 There will be homework each and every week.  If your child does not turn it in then they will receive a zero.  They will have two additional weeks to turn in missing homework for a partial grade.  Please help your child stay on top of this.  H.W. is essential to learning many necessary math concepts.  

Math 1:  Students will be assigned a book and it will be theirs for the year.  They will be responsible for weekly homework from the book and are to keep up with it and bring it to class EVERYDAY!!!  Please ask to see the book periodically to help me hold them accountable.  Ask to see their homework, ask to see their tests.  The more parental involvement with your student the more successful their math course will be.  With their laptops, each student will have access to their text online as well as a virtual graphing calculator for home use.  Please be sure they have this laptop charged and ready for use every day. 

I have tutoring sessions most Wednesdays from 3-4 pm and I am available before school most mornings.  Please plan on attending if you need extra support or want to retake a quiz or test.

Here is a link to Math 1 and Foundations of Math 1 EOC Unit practice and review.  Please click on the links and practice each Unit.  The answers are found to the right of the page.  

Math 1 and Foundations Unit Reviews 

(I have borrowed this link from an online resource, please use it for personal growth and practice)