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Welcome to my Classroom
Mr. Britton P. Taylor II
AC Reynolds High School

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Please feel free to contact me at britton.taylor@bcsemail.org                
   I am entering my 15th year teaching of teaching Math and/or Social Studies.  This is my 2nd year teaching at AC Reynolds High School, having taught at Erwin Middle School for 13 years before here.  I am so proud to call myself a Rocket.  I have lived in the Asheville area for 23 years (Black Mtn) and am married for over 28 years to my beautiful bride Lee.  I have a 18 year old son who is a Sophomore at NC State in Computer Science engineering.  He was the first graduating class at the Nesbitt Discovery Academy  and we as a family are very excited about these next few years for him.
               I am a Masters level Social Studies teacher and certified 6-9 grades math teacher.  This is my 8th year teaching  9th grade math having taught Social Studies and math in the 7th grade for 8 years.  I hope to transfer my love and appreciation for math to all of my students.  My students and I have been extremely successful on the EOG's and the EOC's and I expect that to continue.  I set high expectations for all of my students and will hold them accountable for their effort and participation in my class. I am firm but fair and will treat your child with respect as I expect the same.  I fully expect my students to work hard and have fun this year.  
             I am an avid camper having spent over 1200 days outside in a tent.  My family and I usually camp almost a month over the summers.   We sold out home and are in the process of building our dream home on top of a mountain in Black Mtn.   I used to play professional golf and still love the game.  I am the Women's Head Golf coach and Asst. Golf coach for the Men's team as well.   I love working with High School students, and my fellow math teachers and I are excited about this year's group of students.  We are working hard and will continue to see mathematics  improvement with our students.   Please check back for updates, and have a great day.

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Extra Credit: Find a degree that interests you on the website. Find and print that degree's "FOUR YEAR PLAN."
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Extra Credit: Click on Athletics. What is the mascot for USF?
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Extra Credit: Go to the High school Curriculum guide and write the names of a math, science, history and English class that you can take in the 9th.
Extra Credit: Find a Porsche on the website write the name of the Porshe and how much time it takes to get from 0-60 mph.
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Extra Credit: What is the title of the first available article on the homepage?
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Extra Credit: Go to subheading Accomodation and find out how much it will cost for 1 night at the inn?