Course Overview

Bonjour! I'm Elizabeth Teall-Fleming, the French teacher at North Buncombe HS (fall) and at AC Reynolds HS (spring).  My email address is: [email protected]  Please email me with any questions or concerns. Email is the best way to contact me. Please do not leave a voice mail.
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Virtual school guidelines:
~Students need to join their assigned google meets sessions on time
~Students need to keep cameras turned on so I can see them during online class
~Students need to stay logged in to our online class until I dismiss the class
~Classwork should be turned in on time. I will not accept work that is more than 2 weeks late. Late work will have points deducted. Not turning in work will earn a 0% for each assignment
~Students need to keep notes with French vocab written down at home for reference
~I am happy to stay online after google meets ends, for extra help for any student who asks!
~Our google meets sessions will last for 30-45 minutes. 
~Under the Classwork tab on google classroom, at the top of the page, there is a link that says "view my work." This is the best way to see your work and your overall grade. This will be your most timely and accurate resource to see your grade and your assignments. 

Required Supplies (every day):
All students need a French notebook (3 ring binder is best) with loose-leaf paper for notes and activities. In the notebook, there should also be a pocket folder to hold handouts.  Students are also expected to bring a writing utensil to every class. 
Recommended Supplies
I recommend that students have some art supplies for class: markers &/or colored pencils, a dry erase marker, highlighterscissors, & glue that are kept in a pencil pouch in their notebooks. You could also get a small French/English dictionary to look up vocabulary. 
Requested Supplies:
I would appreciate a donation of tissueshand sanitizerwhite &/or colored paper, dry-erase markers, scissors, markers &/or colored pencils
In French class, I expect students to:
*follow all school rules, as stated in the student handbook
*keep electronic devices put away unless given permission otherwise (using online translators is not allowed without permission)
*be respectful to the teacher, each other, and property
*listen to the teacher when she's speaking to the class
*follow directions given for assignments & activities
*bring French notebooks and a writing utensil with them to every class
*participate in all class activities & assignments
*ask questions and seek help (from me or a peer) when something is not understood
*not disrupt class--other students have the right to learn & I have the right to teach!
*study as needed! If you don't TRY, you won't SUCCEED! 
Regarding the French Notebook: 
Students, you will use your French notebook almost every day, so you need to bring it to every class. I expect you to keep all notes and handouts in your French notebook. When you're absent, upon your return, you will need to ask your classmates for their notes to copy into your notebook. Students use the French notebook as a reference and as a study guide. Students who do not keep a French notebook will have a more difficult time passing French class. Come exam time, the French notebook will be your study guide. French 1 students are strongly encouraged to keep their notebooks for French 2 and beyond. 
Foreign Language Learning Targets: 
*I can correctly pronounce all words (being learned) in the target language.
*I can express ideas, likes, and dislikes on familiar topics using memorized vocabulary and expressions.
*I can ask and answer questions in the target language using memorized vocabulary and expressions.
*I can gather information from visual, written, or spoken sources.
*I can categorize information from visual, written, or spoken sources.
*I can translate short passages to and from the target language.
*I can write a short passage on familiar topics using memorized vocabulary and expressions.
*I can compare and contrast my own culture with the culture of the target language.
*I can carry on an unrehearsed conversation on familiar topics using memorized vocabulary and expressions.
*I can create a written or spoken product using learned vocabulary and expressions.