Online French Game Links

You will have to type the topic you are wanting to practice your French with into the "keywords" box at the top. Then, dozens of games will appear. This is a good site to study from!

This is another good site for studying your French. You will have to search for the topic you are studying.

This is a good site to practice your French with!

LS French

Here's a website with games where you can choose your topic you want to practice

Digital Dialects

Here's a French learning game website where you can choose your topic to practice with.

French Learner

This website has a lot of vocab lists, videos, and tutorials that can be helpful in your French learning!


This is a cool game website. Look down on the right at "Most Popular Quizzes in French" to test your French knowledge on certain topics.


Scroll down until you see "Francais Pour Les Enfants" tabs. Each tab has a game which practices a different topic.

Hello World

Here's a French online game site where you can practice selected topics.

Duo Lingo

This is a cool website. It's also an app for smart phones. You will create a free account and it keeps track of your progress and your achievement. I encourage you to download the app, if you can.


Free Rice -- French

Free Rice has a French section! You can't choose your topic. It's just random vocabulary.