English/Language Arts

In High School English Language Arts classes students continue to develop language use in different contexts and for different audiences and purposes. They engage in the formal study of literature, write more complex compositions, engage in research, and develop skill in evaluating professional authors' as well as their own language use. They develop sophisticated media productions to showcase their learning.

During grades 9-12, students are guided through a sequence of studies that move from emphasizing relatively familiar, concrete experience to focusing on more general and abstract ideas. The curriculum seeks to give all students at all levels as full an experience as possible with the most rewarding uses of language.


Writing has become a valuable tool in the high school classroom for engaging students in thinking, showing understanding, creating, communicating, and learning. When we blend two purposes for writing, writing to demonstrate learning with writing to help facilitate learning, we open the content area classroom to the many ways diverse writing can benefit both students and teachers. Throughout the high school years, writing is integrated in all classrooms, as well as focused on in English classes. At the end of 10th grade, students participate in the North Carolina Writing Assessment, responding to a prompt which requires an extended informational response.