PTSA Classroom Grant

Greetings Teachers!

Classroom mini-grants support innovative educational practices that are chosen and designed by our teachers for our children. Mini-grants are at the heart of your PTSO's mission. With the support of families, faculty, and the community, the A.C. Reynolds High School PTSO supports challenging. 21st century opportunities for students, helping them better-prepare for successful futures. Want to see positive, long-term sustainability for our community? Support Reynolds' students now through mini-grants. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

The A.C. Reynolds PTSO is gearing up for another ambitious fundraising effort. We are excited about the many opportunities to assist with classroom needs through our efforts.

Through hard work and a variety of approaches to fundraising, we have granted several thousand dollars in requests over the years. Simply through, we need to offer more support to our students and teachers. We need everyone's support.

The PTSA limits grant awards to $150 per academic year per teacher. Grant awards may be reduced based on membership dues received. As such, grants are not to be distributed until after Open House. The PTSA reserves the right to reduce grant awards in future years should we not meet our financial goals.

Please support our students and teachers with your membership dues. Our children and devoted teachers are counting on us.

Click the link below to access the application.

Teacher Grant Application