World and Classical Languages

A.C. Reynolds High School is pleased to offer four world and classical languages to our students: Spanish, French, Chinese, and Latin

  • Students earn 1 unit of credit for each successfully completed course.

  • All courses use the NC Essential Standards.

  • Level I and II are standard courses.

  • Level III and above are honors courses which require students to demonstrate greater rigor, manage greater complexity, and move at a faster pace. 

  • A student planning to attend a North Carolina college MUST have two credits in the same language.

Advanced Placement courses are designed to provide rigorous intermediate college level world language instruction. Students are required to take the AP Exam.

Prerequisites: For all courses, successful completion of the previous level is required. For example, if a student takes Latin II, he/she must have successfully completed Latin I.  If the student takes Latin IV Honors, he/she must have successfully completed Latin III Honors.