Students practicing their etiquette skills.

Students in Kennedy Forbes’ Family and Consumer Science class at A.C. Reynolds High School participated in a unique but useful hands-on learning experience. The students learned proper etiquette skills, which Ms. Forbes feels are important for young people to know. 

“This lesson is always one of my favorite days of the semester,” she said. “Students may not have learned this skill at home, and if they ever find themselves in a formal dining situation I hope they will feel more comfortable. This lesson showcases how students have gained cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen as well as teamwork. Then, they get to apply the etiquette rules while eating, which is rare because we are usually rushed for time when we cook. ”

Students also learn other valuable life skills in Ms. Forbes’ class. She said she looks for engaging and fun lessons that could help her high schoolers later on in life. 

“My class is unique because it is the only class where students get to cook and eat,” she said. “Students learn about nutrients and ways to fuel their bodies. We also discover skills such as basic cooking, teamwork, how to read a recipe, kitchen safety and sanitation, and how to create a grocery budget.”