Bell Elementary students perform a skit at AC Reynolds High School

Second graders at Charles C. Bell Elementary experienced the big stage at A.C. Reynolds High School. Younger students had the opportunity to walk the halls of the high school as they made their way to the auditorium to perform skits for the theater students. 

“It was important for our students to share their Reader's Theater work with older students,” said second grade teacher Kelly Kanelos. “In addition, it allows our students to see opportunities when they are older. Theater can be an outlet for students to express themselves creatively. This provided some of our students the opportunity to SHINE outside of the academic realm.”

 All the students had an opportunity to shine on the big stage as they worked on some very important skills. 

“As emerging readers this repeated practice allowed them to work on their reading fluency as well as their ability to read with expression,” Ms. Kanelos said. “Overall, it was an extremely positive experience and many of our second graders learned a little about themselves along the way.”

Second graders at Bell may have more opportunities such as this before the Summer break arrives.

“We would love to stay connected with the high school theater department,” she said. “We've already been brainstorming ways that the high school students could engage the second graders in some theater activities.”

High school theater students enjoying the skits by second graders.

Students acting out their skits.